Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Roanoke County Government Hangs by a Thin Thread

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Roanoke County's board of supervisors is one vote away from being overtaken by the most extreme of the nutjobs. That was on display last night when vote after vote went 3-2 when the measures were simple, clear and screamed for unanimity--especially the one about funding an environmental initiative ($1,200 a year) that is of great benefit to the county.

Butch Church, a radical, arrogant, self-important holdover and Al Bedrosian, whose credibility exists only with Bible-thumping crazies, are the minority, as we expected. They seem to believe that the United Nations is trying to take over county government ... which might not be a bad idea if that is the alternative to them.

We'll have to wait and see if the majority of three (Joe McNamara, Jason Peters and Charlotte Moore) holds steady in the future. Bedrosian and Church will look for every opportunity to disrupt good government and I'm hoping they not only don't get that opportunity, but the sensible members of the board allow them to show their asses in public time after time--as they did last night.

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