Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Being Gay Is Nobody's Business, Regardless of Politics

Congressman Aaron Schock
An Illinois Republican congressman with a history of voting against gay issues named Aaron Schock has been "outed" by a news reporter for his sexual preference.

As much as I hesitate to say this, a person's sexual orientation is his business and nobody else's--regardless of how he votes. We need to get past "outing" people and shame them because their position is wrong, not because they are gay. When you "out" people, you are suggesting that shame should be involved in their sexual orientation and it should not be. Period.

I am strongly and unalterably in favor of complete American rights for gay people and anybody else who is an American (ex-cons, blacks, women, white men, Jews, Catholics, Evangelical Christians, Republicans and anybody else who has felt the sting of discrimination for any reason). This man is opposed to my position on human rights and equality and that is enough for me to fight him in the arena of politics. I don't need any other reason and telling me he's gay--or he's not gay--carries no weight, nor should it.

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