Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Successful Signing at Too Many Books

This was my corner of the world for two hours this morning.
My colleague Cricket Powell with her copy.
Today's signing of CLOG! was quite a success. There was a steady stream of well-wishers and book-buyers for the entire two hours of the signing at Too Many Books. In fact, two people called me back in to sign a book after I was on the way to my truck to leave.

Saw some people I have missed lately and met a few others I've only known on Facebook. That's always a joy for me.

Lots of writing talk, chat about next week's Roanoke Regional Writers Conference (here) and just general gossip. Thank you all for coming, for buying and for chatting. I love it all.

If you didn't get your copy of CLOG! and you want one, look at the top right corner of this blog and simply click on the link. It's right there for you in paperback or e-book. I also left some signed copies at Too Many Books.

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  1. Thanks for sticking around. I cut off a lot of people to make it by 1:05.