Thursday, December 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Street Tennis Anyone?

This is from a promotion the local daily did in about 1979 when a bunch of media types took to the streets to play tennis in front of god and a bunch of secretries looking out windows. I don't remember if there was a charity angle or if we were just showing our asses in public.

I was a sportswriter at the daily at the time and, if I recall correctly, I was paired with a sportswriter named Mark Meng against columnist Mike Ives and sportswriter Dennis Latta. Mark and I, who regularly played against each other (sometimes wearing cut-offs with the pocket torn off), kicked ass. (I say that having no idea what happened. Latta was the best player of the four and he used to beat me like an old piece of meat.)

This is my homage to Throwback Thursday.


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