Thursday, December 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Sailing School Grad

This is a clean-cut me in about 1979 (I would have been 33), wearing my Annapolis Sailing School T-shirt, which came with my diploma.

A friend and I--on a lark--went up for classes and came home sailors, though neither of us ever used the new skill to any degree. We actually did crew a sailboat in the Bahamas for about 10 days at one point, but we didn't need what we'd learned at the school. We were far more like go-fers than sailors on the 43-foot boat.

We learned the craft on small Rainbow sailboats, 23-footers that sailed like a dream. Maneuvered beautifully and made us all look like veterans from the beginning. This was (maybe still is) the boat the Naval Academy used to teach its midshipmen to sail. They all had to sail before they could graduate.

OK, now look at that hair. Are we talking perfect or what? Harrrrrrrr.