Friday, December 6, 2013

A Bit of Encouragement on the Heels of CLOG!

Sometimes, out of nowhere, encouragement shows up, looks us in the eye, shakes us by the shoulders and says something like, "You done good, boy." Showed up on my doorstep this a.m. in the form of an e-mail from noted author Peter McLaughlin of Denver. Peter had just read a Kindle version of my new novel CLOG! (in a sitting) and here's his evaluation:

Peter McLaughlin


If I could go back to high school, I'd go as Eb and I'd go for Lizetta. But the use of Janice was brilliant and kept me wondering what might be coming around the corner.

The idea of a cloging quarterback was genius enough, but his maturity colliding with his "high school kid-ness" made him a character you could care for and believe in.

I taught English and coached football, wrestling and tennis. I saw my players go through all of this, but in a big city ... so I could feel the story ... I loved the book.

One other item I got out of your writing was the small doses of "women's issues here and a John Steinbeck there," touches of important themes woven subtly into the text. 

Hap was great. Why didn't I have someone like that in high school and [there was] Eb's courage in his ability to give feedback and ask questions of people a bit outside his comfort zone.

George Eliot said, "It's never too late to be what you might have been."  This book proves it for you.

These are my thoughts at 10:45 just having finished the book and not trying to over think it. Congratulations.

Thank you, Peter. I'm touched and encouraged.


  1. I'm gonna give Clog a read and review when I get the chance. You're actually my second friend/acquaintance to release their first novel this month and I haven't had a chance to start either (or the money to purchase them). But I'm looking forward to the read and I hope it throws some attention to your excellent memoirs.

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