Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finally ... CLOG! Is Here

My first novel, CLOG!, is fully online at Amazon Kindle, Amazon and CreateSpace, so you can order your copy ($15 for the book, $3.99 for the Kindle) now.

The paper copies of the book will be here at the end of this month and we're scheduling a launch  at Hollins in January. I'll post plenty about that before it happens and I'd like to invite you all to show up and celebrate with me.

CLOG! is my fifth book, but my first novel and I can tell you it feels wonderful to have finished and to be able to get on to what's next. I like the book and I hope you do. Order a bunch of copies and make us all happy.

Let me mention that I get a bigger share of the CreateSpace purchases than the Amazon buys, but if you're putting down the bread, do what works for you.

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