Monday, December 2, 2013

My Little Angel Tumbles to the Floor

Here's my angel in pieces. So sad.
I have little treasures around the house, some in positions of prominence, others tucked away more private than some.

Today I broke one of my favorites, a ceramic angel with a broken wing that my friend Nancy Agee rescued from a downtown business' trash bin and gave to me. She said she saw it laying there and it reminded her so much of me that she had to retrieve it.

I walked past it, perched on its corner of the mantle over the fireplace a bit ago, taking off my coat as I walked and the coat hit the angel, sending it tumbling to the floor.

Both legs broke off and other small pieces splintered around the floor. I thought of trying to salvage it, but I suspect the little guy needs a rest.

Thank you, Nancy. I continue to be touched by this gift and I'm sad at its loss. Losses seem to be piling up for me lately, but the wins are there, too. It evens out.


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