Saturday, December 7, 2013

A New Blog for Those Nutty American Beliefs

Keith Ferrell
My good friend Keith Ferrell, one of the better and more productive writers in our corner of the world, has finally found his calling and you get to read it for free. It's called American Crazy! and it's his new blog.

He writes:

"What I'm curious about, and what I'll be exploring here is both the nature of the crazier beliefs, theories, assertions -- present and past -- and also why the United States seems to provide such fertile ground for their growth. ... Why do so many of us believe so many crazy ... things?"

Keith has always had a way of stirring things up with his intelligence, his wit and his incredible capacity to research anything and get it right. In American Crazy! he is dealing with our beliefs on a number of levels, and he is making sense where sense doesn't usually prevail.

I think you'll enjoy hearing him go on--and on--about things like UFOs ("NO!" he says). Keith is also an astute observer of religious intolerance (one of his novels is based in it), politics, science (he was editor of OMNI magazine), literature and just stuff. He tends to preach gloom and doom, but with a smile and with a level of intelligence that is rare. He can also wink at you and when he does, the discussion turns into recess.

Keith has written more than a dozen books under his own name and quite a few more as a ghost. At this moment, he has a NYTimes bestseller, History Decoded with Brad Meltzer. He lives in Franklin County on a farm and writes in a shed with few modern amenities.

Read his new blog. You'll love it. I do.


  1. Thanks, Dan! One of the nice things about nutty beliefs is thatI do not believe it is possible ever to run out of material!