Sunday, December 15, 2013

Local Daily: No Cowards Allowed

The local daily in Roanoke has finally made a change in its editorial policy that was a long-time coming: people will be responsible for what they say in editorial responses.

Editor Joe Stinnett wrote this in today's edition:

"Now, a heads-up to our frequent online commenters on the blogs and stories: We'll be requiring you to use your real name when commenting, and we'll use Facebook for all comments. The comments can appear on your Facebook wall, or not, as you desire. This is a philosophical change, reflecting my belief that if you say something in public, you ought not to be anonymous. This change is already causing controversy with our online community at, and we welcome your non-anonymous comments pro and con on this change."

It only makes sense. If you want to say something in a public forum, you should not be anonymous. Anonynimity has led to drive-by slander and lible and it, at its most basic, a coward's outlet. No cowards allowed in public discourse.

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