Monday, December 9, 2013

Photo Essay: A Day of Absolutely Nothing

No more kayaking in 2013. It's official.
Weeping cherry in the ice.
Last of the Bradford pear leaves, berries.
These colorful, weedy guys are in my forsythia, along with the ice.
Hummingbird cocktail on ice.
Lantern on the back porch.
Ice is finally melting on the deck. Short and sweet. Thanks for that.
Our little ice story over the weekend gave me the opportunity to get comfy in a big chair, bake some cookies that I can't eat, watch a "Suits" marathon of about 10 episodes and do exactly nothing for the first time in my memory. And to enjoy it. I don't generally enjoy inactivity, but when it's icy outside, I simply stop and do what nature intended.

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