Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Book Arrival: Just Like My First House

I remember the first house I ever bought. It came after getting sober, solidifying my finances, straightening out my life. When I walked onto the porch of that house the first time, it spoke to me and I bought it.

Didn't even need to go inside.

First night there, I wandered the near-empty rooms touching things, smiling, humming. I stayed up almost all night.

For the past hour or so, I've been sitting with my first novel piled around me, signing copies and putting them in envelopes for people who helped me develop and tell the story. Feels like my first house.

Happy? Yes. Content? You bet.

I wish this feeling for all of you you.


  1. Nothing like the feeling of your seeing your first novel for the first time. Especially when it's as good a novel as your CLLOG", Dan. Way to go, man,

  2. wonderful! I just received mine as well. Cool. :)

  3. Christine: Please let me know what you think of CLOG! I value your judgement.