Monday, December 9, 2013

Roanoke Mayor Needs to Apologize or Show Proof of Wrongdoing

David Bowers
It's past time for Roanoke Mayor David Bowers to poop or get off the pot with his accusations that Sam Rasoul ran a "dirty and dispicable" campaign to win the Democratic primary for the District 11 seat in the Virginia General Assembly. Rasoul won a four-way race by 44 votes Saturday in the primary.

David has often played loose cannon in the past and he needs to take responsibility for this wild accusation and either 'fess up that it's bullshit or give us some evidence of the wrongdoing. David's a lawyer and he knows the value of facts in the face of slander.

One has to wonder if, like Rush Limbaugh and those of his ilk, David is projecting his own values on Sam's campaign. Otherwise, where does his accusation come from? Sam is a good, honest and hard-working young man and he deserves better from the mayor. We all do. But I've said that a number of times before.

(Photo: WDBJ7)