Monday, December 23, 2013

Dudes: A Truly Fun Story Coming Your Way Soon

Roland Lazenby: "The Dude does have swaggar."
Just finished the final line of one of the most fun stories I've done in quite a while. It's tentatively called "Dudes" and it's for the Roanoker Magazine, February, I think (I never know with other people's publications). (Update: I'm told it's March/April.)

This one defines "dudes" and tells you who some of them are and how they go about it, what they think, what they drive, how they treat their women and stuff like that. I wish all my assignments were this much fun.

Here's a sample quote from Sports Dude and respected author Roland Lazenby: "Well, the Dude does have swagger, and like mine, it's absolutely clueless. So, yes, I have clueless swagger, which helps fulfill the irony requirements, I guess. I do have a rebellious nature, which is essential to the lifestyle of a dude. If you're conventional, you have no hope of achieving Dudedom. As far as insisting on quality, I've always appreciated a well-made White Russian, another part of that essence.”

The whole thing's like that and at this point, it's 4,000 words. Won't be that when editor Kurt Rheinheimer gets through with it, but, hey, he's the Dude. I'm just the dude-ette.

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