Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The New North Carolina: Shame on My Home State

The new North Carolina state flag?
The damage that the new all-Republican government is doing to my home state of North Carolina is both unconscionable and incalculable. This editorial in the New York Times today recites a litany of abuse by this far right wing, manipulative and ethics-challenged group that is on a par with Arizona, Oklahoma and the Deep South.

The Times writes, "North Carolina was once considered a beacon of farsightedness in the South, an exception in a region of poor education, intolerance and tightfistedness. In a few short months, Republicans have begun to dismantle a reputation that took years to build."

My North Carolina was the one led by Terry Sanford and his forward-looking, courageous Democrats who made this one of the best--and most economically advanced--places to live in the South. Republicans are destroying, piece by piece, what has been built over the past 50 years and they're doing it with a speed that is reckless and exasperating.

In succession, they're cutting taxes on the rich while instituting a higher sales tax (devastating the poor, whom they blame for their poverty), de-funding education, dis-enfranchising any voters--regardless of race--who might vote against them (if college kids vote on campus, their parents lose their tax deduction), introducing a bill to establish a state religion, slashing teacher pay and increasing class size, simply butchering unemployment compensation (these bastards are primarily responsible for the unemployment) and effectively banning abortion.

It's the abortion ban which gives them the support in the broader populace to create a 19th century hell hole. Some Republicans will give away anything in order to ban abortion, despite the fact that overpopulation is the most significant problem we have in the world, leading directly to most of the others. And I'm not seeing these morons rushing to adopt any of these excess children, either. Recently, Texas adopted a bill that led to a 25 percent increase in birth among the poor (whom it will not support) and quickly rescindided it when the bone-heads realized what they'd done to their budget.

Republicans--the modern variety--can't even spell "compassion." I am ashamed of my home state.


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  1. This comment is from Michael Abraham, via Facebook:


    As you know, I am running for the Virginia House of Delegates, Seventh District (parts of Montgomery and Pulaski Counties, all of Floyd County). This is exactly what I'm trying to prevent in Virginia.

    I take great pride when my state is named "The best state in America to raise a child" and "The best managed state in America" and when my region of Blacksburg/Christiansburg/Radford is named in the top 20 most intelligent in the nation and tops in Virginia, as it was by a recent magazine.

    If any of your followers would like to help our campaign, our website at gives details.

    Elections have consequences. This one matters.

    Michael Abraham