Saturday, July 27, 2013

Photos: A Day at the RVAA City-County Meet

Timers--mostly parents--check their watches.
Doug and Beth Doughty talked my grandgirl Maddie into swimming for the team.
A mama captures her kid in action.
Annette Patterson congratulates her daughter, Emma, on a strong swim.
Boys dive into action.
Children soar through the pool in the butterfly.
More timers, including my daughter-in-law Kara, right.
Part of the crowd surrounding the pool. It was tight as a sardine can all morning.
Grandgirl Maddie takes a few minutes to think before her final swim.
Top Houndog swimmer Annette Patterson had shoulder surgery this week. Here her daughter Libby helps adjust her ice pack.
My son and his mother share a, uh, moment(?).
Madeline swims into colorful water in the 50 meter freestyle.
An excellent turn helped Maddie to a win in the 50 meter freestyle.
Mads has her instructions from Coach Andy Huray (rear).
The Roanoke Valley Aquatic Association's season-ending meet is finishing up today at the Salem YMCA and thousands of people have paraded through the small spectator area surrounding the Olympic pool.

The Hunting Hills Hounddogs (Maddie's team) rallied from a 700 point deficit going into Saturday afternoon to win the top-level title by 348 points over Stone Gate. Here are the final standings:

1, Hunting Hills 17,358.5;
2, Stonegate 17,010;
3, Read Mountain 14,018.5;
4, Our Lady of Nazareth 11,470.5;
5, Forest Hills 8,500.5;
6, Olympic Park 7,693;
7, Spring Run 7,128;
8, Elks Lodge 6,773;
9, Hidden Valley 6,420.5;
10, Ashley Plantation 6,105.5;
11, Vinton Swimming 5,681.5;
12, Roanoke Country Club 5,256.5;
13, Castle Rock 4,839;
14, Limestone Park 1,128  

This was a special event for the Smiths this year (see previous post) because of Madeline's triumphs, but I saw an awful lot of happy faces, a few tears and a huge amount of excitement in the two sessions I attended. I also saw a lot of kids slowly growing up and that was a heck of a lot of fun--especially when one of them was my favorite grandkid.

Go Mads! Make 'em eat your bubbles.

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