Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Here's the Breakdown on Virginia's Governor's Sins

Jonnie and Maureen in better times.
In case you're keeping score, here's what Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell has accepted in bribe money from supporter Jonnie Williams of Star Scientific and other sources, according to widely published reports. The Williams loans have been repaid, according to reports.

From Jonnie Williams of Star Scientific:

  • A real estate loan of $52,278.
  • A real estate loan of $72,837.
  • Catering bill of $15,000 for a McDonnell daughter's wedding.
  • Another $10,000 for a second daughter's wedding.
  • A $6,500 Rolex watch given First Lady Maureen McDonnell, who gave it to the governor.
  • A $10,000 jacket, shoes, dress and handbag bought for the First Lady as part of a New York shopping trip. (Maureen traveled for Star Scientific, promoting a dietary supplement for the company.)
  • Several thousand dollars worth of flights, entertainment and lodging for the governor. 
The governor repaid the real estate loans, plus $4,000 in interest using his own money and money from his and his sister's business, according to reports.

Dental Care:
  • Free cosmetic dental work for the First Lady from the office of Richmond area dentist W. Baxter Perkinson Jr. Perkinson was appointed to the board of VCU by the governor.
Kitchen Goodies:
  • Former executive chef Todd Schneider, a guy with a shady background who is being prosecuted for embezzling more than $200 worth of supplies from the kitchen, says the governor used him and other employees as "personal shoppers" and was forced to cater personal and political events for McDonnell. He says he was paid for extra work in food and supplies bought through the mansion accounts. Schneider says the McDonnells used state employees to run errands for the family and also used state credit cards to buy personal items.
Still out there and being investigated is the nearly $19,000 Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli received from Williams. The Schneider trial will go to court in October, just in time for the state's election of a new governor.


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