Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Maddie (With Video) Hamming It Up in Another Win

Maddie dives in (center) for 50 freestyle. That's Annette Patterson to the left, Doug Doughty to the right.
Maddie with a couple of her buds.
Maddie and Oz.
World famous swimmer Maddie Smith was in her fullness yesterday at Hidden Valley CC where her undefeated Hunting Hills Houndogs won with an astonishing 1,600 points, more than doubling HVCC's total.

Maddie was fully competitive and wide-smiles happy all afternoon, swimming, diving, playing with her pals and her little brother (who has built his own constituency among the older ladies--some as old as, say 16).

Here's a video of Maddie talking about swimming well "for my dad," who was not able to be at the meet.

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