Thursday, July 11, 2013

Governor Negotiating Resignation for Dropped Charges?

I have no idea how accurate this blog is, but it is getting wide circulation, reporting that Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is negotiating his way out of the governor's mansion in exchange for dropping felony  charges against him and his ex-Redskins cheerleader wife Maureen.

The problem becomes gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli's if this report is true. The Cooch also had dealings with the central figure in this investigation--Star Scientific, which has been accused of throwing money at the McDonnells. The call for his resignation, I would assume, is soon to follow (he's already been asked over and over to resign as attorney general while running for governor, but has refused). My guess is Cooch is as guilty his boss and both are going down.

Republicans in control. This is what you get.


  1. Beware of wishful thinking, Dan. The Guv and his spouse seem to be guilty of greed, gluttony, and stupendously horrible judgment. From what The Roanoke Times has told me lately, however, I'm not sure my noble native Commonwealth of Virginia has any laws against bribing its Guvs--tho' perhaps it's only that the smoking quid pro quo has yet to be ferreted out. (I wish I could think Repubs have a monopoly on corruption, but, alas, I fear no political party has that market completely cornered.)

  2. PS: Is that a photo of downtown Roanoke on your masthead?

  3. As I've said a thousand times before, neither party has a clean record, but when we find them dallying, we need to dilly their asses out of office, regardless of the party. Fact is, though, that the Repubs seem to be far more prone to corruption in recent years and far, far, far more prone to stupidity.

  4. Mary: Yes. That's downtown Roanoke. (I shot it about six months ago.)