Friday, July 12, 2013

Photo of the Day: The Damage That's Done

The damage on these old, lovely maples is extensive. Below is what they looked like at their best.
I shot this pix last fall in basically the same place as the above photo.
Sometimes it's difficult to assess the damage being done by a storm until conditions. Here's an example of the damage done by Tuesday's hellion of a rainstorm with accompanying winds in Wasena Park, Roanoke.

The area is one of the prettiest in Roanoke at certain times of the year (think "fall") and now there will be less to work with. The maples are old, brittle and spectacular when they turn to their reds and yellows.

The photo below is of a tree I shot a few years ago, morning light streaming through creating an almost spiritual glow. I called it "Jesus Stops in Wasena While Making His Rounds."
This large, sprawling tree fell across the greenway because the ground is so saturated that roots can't hold some of the big ones up.

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