Monday, July 15, 2013

Photo of the Day: Maddie & Pamps Go Kayaking

Love this stylized shot of Maddie trucking along at Carvins Cove.
Maddie and me hugging the bank.
Maddie and I finally found a hole in the weather and jumped in the truck, scurrying out to Carvins Cove for her first shot at kayaking. She took to it like a bass to a mayfly.

We paddled around for about an hour after swim practice in the 90-degree, direct-sun heat before she finally started to be a little girl. "My hands hurt. I'm hungry. I'm tired. Are we there yet? When can we go home?"

On the way back to her child care center I asked, "How'd you like the kayaking?" "Loved it," she said. Go figure.

Tonight, she and her Hunting Hills Houndogs swim team will compete for their league's title and I hope she gets a nap. I fed her, so that should be OK. Burger and fries. Lunch of champions.

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