Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good News for Dumb Dudes: Bras Getting Bigger

No, this is not the new average, but you can lose your cell phone in it.
I wrote a post a little while back titled "Dumb Guys Love Big Boobs" (here), which has become the second-most read entry in this blog's history. Today, we will offer more good news for dumb guys:

According to this story in the Huffington Post today, our intellectually challenged brethren have a lot more to look at these days. The average bra size has expanded--so to speak--from 34B 20 years ago to 34DD today. Those are large breasts by anybody's measure, but the problem with the blowup, so to speak, is that it most often comes with an equally-expanded waist line and, separately perhaps, breast implants.

Word on the street is that bras have become so big that women are losing their cell phones in them.

The survey is from an underwear company called Intimacy and, yes, I suppose this is pretty intimate. A spokeswoman for Intimacy says that the survey has to do with bra size and what's selling and that "women are more educated about bra fit" these days. I wonder how that works. Doesn't something either fit or not and wouldn't the fit have been the same 20 years ago as it is today, cell phones or not? Oh, well, we'll not quibble with small details when the big picture is so much bigger.

The results of the survey come from interviews with 60,000 customers (I presume most of them to have been women, but the story doesn't detail that) in 16 stores. The most recent previous survey was done in 1992 and a spokesman says more sizes are available today than in the past, "meaning that comfort in a larger cup could push up the mean."

This is not an isolated survey. Others are showing bigger ta-tas--even bigger than the 34DD, in fact: the "bestselling bra at is a 34E (DD) and the size demand for its Just Peachy brand had risen to 38H, Glamour [magazine] reported. Racked wrote that Italian label Cosabella had added a 38  for C, D and DDs."


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