Thursday, July 18, 2013

City Cops, Courts and Other Exasperating Experiences

These boys look like the guy who nailed me.
So here's how my last two hours have gone:

Went downtown to pay the traffic ticket I (deservedly) got yesterday for running a stop sign. The issuing Keystone Kop was a man on a Harley who, when humor was being allotted thought they said "tumor" and declined the offer. Cops almost universally--in my considerable experience--are people devoid of personality who take themselves and their own importance far too seriously and make engaging the public painful for everybody.

Anyhow, I went to the city's offices and was curtly told to go to the courthouse because the city had nothing to do with the courts. Well excuuuuuuuuuuse me. At the courthouse another set of humorless badge-wearing boys with doughnut stains on their too-tight brown polyester shirts and ties told me I couldn't go into the building because I was carrying a cell phone. Nothing to ease the blow; no "I'm sorry sir, but ... ". Just a look that said, "Fuck you very much and get out of here with that phone."

Had to go back out into 95-degree heat and rid myself of the phone (I buried it in a plant bed). Finally got into the courthouse (my metal knee sent the scanner into spasms) and upon trying to pay the fine was told by the clerk--a round, blank-faced woman who looked tired--that I'd need $96, not $30, as the cop told me I'd owe. I offered a credit card and she said that'd cost extra. After I mentioned that this experience was "exasperating," she suggested I "calm down," go home, write another check and mail it to the General District Court. She hinted that I should not write a nasty note and attach it with a staple. They don't like staples.

I started home and halfway to the house (in my 15-year-old truck, which does not have AC) realized I didn't have my cell. Had to backtrack and dig it out of the plant bed and hope the dirt didn't get inside.

I'm home now, disgusted with cops, bureaucrats and a system that makes me pay court costs even though I hand-delivered the fine to avoid court costs. I'm considering how I might get even. Always been pretty good at that.

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