Thursday, May 17, 2012

Violence Against Women: Repubs Keep the Name, Gut the Bill

I'm not sure how one gets to Republicans that the job they're doing on women these days hardly rises above rape and sometimes it doesn't make it past that very low bar.

The latest atrocity, strongly supported by our two congressmen Bob Goodlatte and Morgan Griffith, is killing the Violence Against Women Act, which had reduced domestic violence by 58 percent since its inception and replacing with a gutted bill of the same name that does nothing but tell the lie that they are supporting women.

This is the same tactic Republicans have used before. Consider the Healthy Forest Initiative under Bush the Lesser a few years ago. The new definition of a healthy forest under that bill was one whose big trees had been cut down so business could get rich. I never really considered that a healthy forest initiative. The Bush Administration was full of bills like that, supported by Republicans in Congress.

A tree is not a woman, but it is bad enough to destroy a tree. Destroying women is a step I don't want taken.


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