Friday, May 18, 2012

Photo(s) of the Day: Maddie Plays a Little Boogie*

Teacher and student go at it.
Maddie the Guitar Girl picks out a tune (actually, not so much a tune as a strum).
Teacher Cheryl Lunsford shows Mads about keeping time with an iPad.
Cheryl and Maddie work in close quarters.
It's duet time for the ladies.
Madeline Smith: Guitar picker.
I was the school bus for Grandgirl Madeline's guitar lesson this evening with Cheryl Lunsford at the Fret Mill downtown. Mads got a guitar for Christmas and seems to like it a lot (she also seems to think she needs to be playing Carnegie Hall, rather than taking lessons).

Madeline's dad is a good musician and her mother and grandmother have all taken lessons at the Fret Mill. I remember buying my son Evan his first guitar at the Fret Mill when he was about 10 (that'd be a quarter of a century ago) when he was ready to quit music because he didn't like the piano or the violin, which he was playing--reluctantly, I'll add. He left the shop playing "Batman" and never looked back. He's a good player. Madeline, I suspect, will be, as well.

(* Dammit! No, I did not say 'Booger'; I said 'Boogie'!)

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