Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Need Some Odd Jobs Done? Here's a Good Source

Debbie Dennison of RAM House: Your odd job connection.
I'm quickly becoming an expert in odd jobs, both doing them and getting them done. As I gain that expertise, the price for getting projects finished is declining and today it took a big tumble with the discovery of RAM House in Roanoke.

If you know about RAM House, you can skip this, but most of us don't know about it--or didn't until I went there this morning to take a photo of its executive director Debbie Dennison for a story we're doing at FRONT. Debbie couldn't help herself. She started talking about the program and how RAM House helps poor people get jobs, feeds them during the day and works with them in a number of ways.

I asked why about 20 people were sitting in a large room at the main entrance and she said they were waiting for day work. Seems that if you need somebody to move a sofa, mow a lawn, clean the house or perform dozens of other services, she has somebody who'll do it for minimum wage. I'd never insult anybody by paying that little, but you get the idea (especially with 12-year-old kids charging $40 to mow a normal-sized lawn).

If you are concerned about security--and some people are--call Debbie ahead of time at 540-345-8850, and she'll personally pick out somebody for your job that she believes is above reproach. I like this service because it gives day work to people who, for one reason or another, can't hold full-time jobs and who desperately need the money. Debbie says there are some very good workers at RAM House.

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