Thursday, May 17, 2012

Giles County Picked for Baldacci-Timmins Movie

Sara Elizabeth Timmins with David Balcacci.
Just got this press release from Sara Elizabeth Timmins, who is producing a second consecutive movie in this region (the first was "Lake Effects," which was recently shown on the Hallmark Channel):

Giles County has been selected as the location for the feature film Wish You Well, the movie’s producers announced today.  The movie is based on author David Baldacci’s bestselling novel, Wish You Well, and is planned to be shot in the fall of 2012.

After launching a search throughout Southwest Virginia, the production team narrowed its search from 15 prospective counties to two: Alleghany Highlands and Giles County. The counties showed their support of the film by submitting extensive informational packages and opening their communities to the team during location scouts in February and April. Though the final decision was a difficult one, the producers believe that logistically and artistically Giles is the best fit for the production and has numerous options for the locations in the film.

One of the film’s producers, Sara Elizabeth Timmins, said, “We were very impressed with the team on the ground in Giles. The passion and enthusiasm displayed has been remarkable, and we are looking forward to working very closely with County Administrator Chris McKlarney and his office as well as with Brogan and Dianne Dinger of the Giles County Film Office as we bring 'Wish You Well' to Giles County.” 

The producers are also considering Alleghany Highlands for some additional photography.
The film is a collaboration between Life Out Loud Films, Baldacci Entertainment and Copper Beech Productions. For more information about 'Wish You Well,' visit the film’s Facebook page “Wish You Well Movie” or; to learn more about David Baldacci, visit 



  1. Does anyone proof your story titles?

  2. Or your stories? And I love that when someone points it out, you don't change it. Like the River Lake "Trial" piece.

  3. I change it when I see it. The Comments sometimes come days or weeks after these are posted and I post several a day. I find that the most critical people are the ones who won't attempt to do this, but love to lift a leg on it. I do appreciate when an error is pointed out. I don't much like smartass, snide comments from people who won't attempt to do this. It's difficult and when one types thousands and thousands of works, errors occur. And yes, I am my own editor. Nobody else. That is not a good situation, but I don't have (don't want) sponsors for the blog, so I don't have the money to pay to have it done. I would suggest that if you want perfect copy, you go somewhere else and find it.

  4. By the way, River's last name is "Laker" not "Lake."

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  7. No onside info.....don't even have inside info. What was that you said about a smart ass?

  8. Doug: That's like an onside kick.

  9. I really hope this turns out better than "Lake Effects". It looked like there was a heavy influence from "The Hallmark Channel" on that one. As if the movie was edited and scored in a way that left it completely uncontroversial and unfortunately, completely limp.

    However, I really love the fact that SWVA is being chose as the location.