Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cameras in the Court for River Laker Trial

River Laker with his clothes on.
Looks like River Laker's going to get the media circus he'd hoped for Wednesday when he goes to trial for dropping his pants in public at a charity event.

River, in a Facebook post this morning, says Channel 10 in Roanoke has been granted permission to have its cameras in the courtroom for the trial, which begins in circuit court on Church Ave. at 10 a.m.

This trial should not be happening and TV will make it look as ridiculous as it is. If that's possible. I can't believe the prosecutor has nothing better to do than this.


  1. Are you serious? 1) it's a grievance hearing.
    2) why can you inaccuratly report on the story, but if chan. 10 does it's ridiculous?

  2. Is this a trial or a hearing? Is River going to jail? Let's all keep our pants on.

  3. The difference between a trial and a hearing is pretty big Mr. Award Winning Journalist. Somebody call the prosecutor.

  4. Anyone who knows or has ever talked to River know that he doesn't want this to be a spectacle....He just wants it to be over and resolved. Is this supposed to be news or an opinion piece? Because it seems like a mess of both.

    1. Anon: This is not supposed to be news or an opinion piece. It is a blog. I tell you exactly what it is on the side panel. You might want to read it. And please sign your responses.