Saturday, May 26, 2012

Photo(s) of the Day: Festival in the Park, Day I

Carl Jara puts the finishing touches on a sand sculpture (it was amazing) at Festival.
Grandgirl Maddie with her recorder in a field of lawn art (love that lawn art!).
Maddie clobbers her mama, Kara, with a wet sponge at Viking booth.
And then it was Madeline's turn. (She didn't hate it.)
Editor Pampa and Jeff Rigdon give Maddie a ride on the "whale."
College student Meg Parker hoops it up.
The Country Kickers of Covington did one clog to "Amazing Grace."
Randolph Walker (who writes for FRONT) , Miriam McConnell sing to the crowd (and they were good!).
A bit of ballet for the cultural elite sitting on the ground.
BMX Bikers led to a lot of gasps from the crowd with stunts like this.
Your Favorite Editor ate this: sugar free, by god!
Your Favorite Editor's favorite view of the day (indulge me; I'm old).
Roanoke's Festival in the Park is underway in downtown Roanoke and I was down earlier with Christina and my buddy Madeline, who had a grand time, as you can see from the above. The food was good and as my buddy Ed Walker said, "There's so much energy this year." He and his sons had just been watching the BMX bicycle exhibition and there was, indeed, excitement with that and a lot more that was going on--including some of us who simply enjoyed the views (see above).

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