Thursday, May 17, 2012

Photos of the Day, Too: Shootin' at the Cove

The big thunderheads gave a wondrous glow as I paddled hard to get out of their way.
Look closely at the bottom of the pix; two-forearm sized fish.
Some old boy lost his lure in this tree.
It's awfully difficult to go to Carvins Cove with a camera and not come back with a photo that's worth sharing.

Here are a few from my mid-day kayak break today. It was gorgeous out there, but the clouds have a way of coming up on you and getting scary in a hurry.

The fishing's another story. I sat on top of a school of fish (and I have no idea what they were; looked like carp) that looked like a flotilla of torpedoes. Big boys, hiding in the bushes.

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