Monday, May 21, 2012

Photo(s) of the Day: Memorial Bridge as It Has Rarely Been Seen

Before the opening of the new stretch of greenway in Roanoke last week, few Roanokers were given the opportunity to see the underside of one of Roanoke's most beautiful structures, Memorial Bridge in Raleigh Court.

This bridge is a beast, built in about 1932 and using enough concrete to construct a skyscraper. It is huge, elegant, powerful and a real looker. Here is the underside of the bridge, which is just as lovely in its way as is the top and sides.


  1.'s been a long time since I've seen the underside of Memorial Bridge. In the late 50's, growing up in Virginia Heights, a group of us would walk or ride bikes through the neighboring areas. In the summertime if we happened to wander down Memorial Ave., it was a welcome relief to sit in the cool area underneath the bridge. I'm not sure but at one time I thought there were horseshoe pits.

  2. Was wondering what that was. It's a horseshoe pit. Big and concrete with sand in he center. Cooooooooool.