Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One More Step in the River Laker Saga

I'm not thoroughly clear what happened in River Laker's court hearing this morning in Roanoke, but he tells me, "The judge granted clear permission for us to use all the actions by [Roanoke] City towards me since 202 Market event (as listed on my written grievance) as supporting evidence at the next stage of the appeal process against the written reprimand."

That would indicate that nothing's decided and that yet another waste of time and money is at hand. This is simply absurd. A guy drops trou at a drinking/dating event and gets reprimanded and roundly criticized everywhere for it.

Anyhow, here's some more of what the Riv had to say (on Facebook with River's spelling, punctuation, etc.):

 "The media went even more overboard than i expected this time re 202/ABC hearing. i am shocked and disappointed at the conduct of 202s attorney Tony Anderson and how he depicted me.

"i just don't know why 202 didn't simply say they had no awareness of it being planned to happen and apologize for not stopping it sooner, considering that it started 19 secs in and lasted for nearly 4 mins! i think the ABC board would be a lot more sympathetic towards them then. all ABC have to do is some research on my track record of events, programs, etc for Roanoke community to see that Anderson's defense claim 'Anderson calls Laker a self promoter seeking fame. An individual seeking to promote his own self, got them in trouble. He's, who knows where he is, but he's not been held accountable,' Anderson stated. [It] is skewed.

"it is so tempting, now that 202 has played dirty, to go public with my having had permission, clearly and repeatedly, from Square Society event representative to do my performance! but the guy is a friend and just don't wanna drag him into it."

One thing we can gauge from all this: River Laker won't be making a living as a writer in the near future.


  1. It appears as if you have a crush on River, are you mad you did not get to see his Willie?

  2. Hilarious, Dan! I'd like to add a link to PubMed's definition of narcissistic personality disorder for comparison. How do you think the Riv measures up?

  3. Dan, I wholeheartedly agree with your observation of absurdity. Challenges to River's antics are but mere reflections in the "mirror" that he has provided to this community.

    The entire episode has caused me great embarrassment regarding the prudish, narrow-minded attitudes that are obviously prevalent in our community.

    So many of those who have condemned River's behavior are only serving to increase the level of shame.
    What does River stand to gain? Only the satisfaction that he has indeed made a difference by causing prople to examine themselves.