Sunday, October 9, 2011

Today's Photo(s): A Day at the Rugby Match

The scrum is the very definition of rugby.
Looks like football, but it's not. Just ask a rugger.
Guys get tossed in the air on throw-in.
Even when you're down, you're not down.
When you go into the end zone, you must touch the ball on the ground.
You can kick the ball at just about any time.
Injured player Barry Martin and his son watch.
Celebration of breast cancer awareness.
Doesn't get much better than this.
This guy wore his kilt.
The Roanoke Rugby team played an exhibition game against a team from Triad North Carolina yesterday at Highland Park on an idyllic Saturday afternoon. This is a fun game, not as dangerous as football nor as safe as soccer and it has a devoted following. The Roanoke team lost by about nine points, but I don't think many people cared. It was too pretty to be keeping score.


  1. Not as dangerous as football?..clearly this person has never played the sport. Play a game and the revisit your blog.

  2. The injury rate in high school football is more than 80 percent per year. In college, it's 100 percent. In the pros, it's more than 125 percent. If rugby is more dangerous than that, it should be banned.

    1. 125%? So more people are getting hurt than are actually playing?

  3. Anon: Some suffer more than one injury per year, accounting for more than 100 percent.