Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quote of the Day: Sell Your Bank Stocks Now!

"If the Occupy Wall Street hates the banks so much why not organize their followers nationally and globally to express their outrage by short selling the stocks of these banks.  An organized strategy of selling bank stocks would define their enemy. If the banks come under pressure due to selling they will be exposed as weak. If they are weak and need another handout, the administration will then have to choose between the 99 percenters and once again bailing out the 1 percent.  If the protesters were to make a significant push to sell stocks of banks, the government officials who publicly express support for the Occupy Wall Street movement would be between a rock and hard place. Then the Occupy Wall Street would have accomplished a smart cohesive strategic plan, would have exposed vulnerability in the Banking system, and will clearly be able to see if the Government stands with the 99 percent or will just continue to engage in same old same old bailouts of the Big Banks."

--Stock expert John Tobacco

(Photo: Alpha Profit Investments)

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