Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photo(s) of the Day: Pretty Pictures at a Place of Death

Flags front the memorial and a defining brass statue of a soldier.
This is the iconic view of the memorial.
Soldiers coming over the wall at Normandy.
Soldiers on the beach with 'bullets' hitting the water (right of the front statue).
This is the underside of the memorial with visitors reflected walking beneath.
Soldiers ascend the wall.
As one not given to the glorification of war, I make a concentrated effort to avoid memorials and have done so with the D-Day Memorial in Bedford for 10 years ... until today.

It is truly a lovely and peaceful place, one photographers have to appreciate, but it remains a place of death, of destruction, of war and of human misery commemorated. I'll stick by my original revulsion and place it alongside these very pretty photos. Strange world.

The layers of symbolism in this photo are impressive.

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