Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quote of the Day: Let's Occupy Everything, 'Til It Changes

“Happily, the right is unhappy. Herman ‘Get a Job’ Cain calls Occupy Wall Street ‘un-American,’ which is just stupid. Mitt ‘Put the Dog on the Roof’ Romney calls it ‘class warfare,’ but that’s as American as the struggle for justice; it’s just that the wrong class is winning. In fact, there’s no more American action than this one; its roots are in the populist, suffragist, labor, civil rights, women’s, anti-war, environmental and even food movements. Unlike the Tea Party, funded as it is by wealthy reactionaries like the Koch brothers, 'Occupy' is sustained by energy, frustration, anger, perception, pizza and apples paid for by supporters or donated by farmers and, ultimately, by its daily growth.”

—Mark Bittman on Occupy Wall Street, NYTimes today

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