Sunday, October 2, 2011

Photo(s) of the Day: A Look at the Women's Forum

Melinda Cohan (top) leads panel discussion.
HomeTown Bank's Susan Still with Tamea Woodward, Anna Karbassiyoon.
The panel through another lens.
Hollins President Nancy Gray with Carilion's Nancy Agee.
Mary Miller of IDD teaching her class.
Nanci Hardwick brought daughter Jasmine for her 19th birthday.
Global Metalfinishing's Tamea Woodward makes a point.
Maryellen Goodlatte (left), Hope Cothran teach law class.
Chamber's Joyce Waugh talks of value of organizations.
Carilion CEO Nancy Agee gets attention of panelists.
Angie Buckner teaches class on spirituality at work.
Dina Bennett (left), Robin Miles listen closely (that's 2 cups of coffee for Robin).
StellarOne's Karen Turner talks about getting a business loan.
Filmmaker April Marcel tells some of her compelling story.
Our favorite editor introduces the panel.
Saturday's Now That We're in Charge Women's Forum at Hollins University, the first of a FRONTBurner series production from Valley Business FRONT, was, by all accounts, quite a success. The forum was geared to business professionals and had a goal of helping to form new networks for them.

Here are some moments from the conference.

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