Thursday, October 6, 2011

Photo of the Day: Cute Couple, But ... uh ... Just Friends

This is your favorite editor and Sara Elizabeth Timmons of Life Out Loud Films, at tonight's 25th Annual Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce Awards dinner at the Hotel Roanoke. Sara was a nominee for one of the awards (which she richly deserved to win, but inexplicably didn't*).

Life Out Loud, of course, is Sara Eliz's production company, which is responsible for "Lake Effects," a movie that will have its first public showing Friday at Smith Mountain Lake, where it was shot.

I asked Sara Eliz to pose with me so I could tell everybody we were dating. I'm not sure she saw the humor in that, but she posed anyway. Something about older men, I guess.

(*I know from "inexplicably," having been nominated as the Business Advocate of the Year six--count 'em--times and never winning. A friend called me "the Susan Lucci of business advocacy.")

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