Sunday, October 16, 2011

Morgan Griffith: Hey, Let's Murder Some More Horses

Drunk driving lawyer and 9th District Congressman Morgan Griffith--the very symbol of just about everything that is wrong with Congress--simply can't open his mouth without putting a size 22 shoe in it.

Today in a little love pat of a profile on this bumbling wingnut from the local daily, Griffith, like colleague Bob Goodlatte of the 6th District before him, has come out in favor of murdering helpless animals. At issue is $69 million in upkeep for horses and burros who are kept in protected areas and fed, rather than simply killed outright. He says, "There ought to be a way to humanely euthanize wild horses and burros instead of having the taxpayers of the United States of America paying $69 million a year."

There are people in Goodlatte's district who--about 10 years after the fact--can't bring themselves to say his name without gagging because his stance on basically the same issue: the life and death of wild horses. He wants to kill them, too.

Of course, an oaf like Griffith would never understand that "humanely euthanize" is an oxymoron in league with "ethical congressman." If you kill something, you are being inhumane by the very nature of the deed, especially when it is totally unnecessary.

Griffith, who likes hanging out in graveyards so much that he got married in one, will probably get more overall grief for his stance in favor of pollution, in opposition to tax credits for alternative energy (he prefers good old filthy coal), for his almost romantic relationship with the Koch brothers, for his tendency to worship at the throne of lobbyists (who throw money at him) and for god knows how many other bone-headed stances, but let me suggest that animal lovers have very long memories and they tend to get even.


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