Thursday, October 27, 2011

Photo of the Day: (X)po Is Underway in Roanoke

CityWorks (X)po kicked off today in the big new third-floor meeting facility at the Roanoke City Market Building before a full house that simply crackled with enthusiasm. I'm truly eager to see what comes out of this event and my gut feeling is that this is what Ed Walker--who organized it--has been wrangling for the last few years, without necessarily knowing it.

What Ed has assembled here are some of our best and brightest "creative types," which is to say people who will get things done and not simply sit around and hypothesize. This is the group that is increasingly showing the irrelevance of government in getting positive change instituted in a way and at a speed that is impressive.

Bob Lambert, who helped open the Xpo this afternoon was pretty blunt about how it works: "It's about making up as we go along sometimes. If we stop and meet for a few minutes every once in a while, it's because we've hit on something."

The Xpo runs for the next two days on City Market--day and night--and you might want to run down and sneak in. I'm told tickets are pretty well gone.

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