Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photo(s) of the Day: Tinker Day at Hollins

Tinker Day at Hollins University in Roanoke is a century-old tradition that I ran into this morning on my morning walk--which I occasionally take around the campus. My lucky day.

On Tinker Day, teachers and students celebrate fall by walking up Tinker Mountain, which overlooks the campus and is no stroll in the woods. About a third of it is a climb and the rest is a knee-crunching uphill push. Once on top, the walkers eat lunch and put on skits.

Of course everybody is dressed as wildly as she can be, including Hollins President Nancy Gray (right) who has the look of a leprechaun.

I did notice four vans full of students heading out the front entrance of the school. My guess is that those who have difficulty walking for one reason or another (and I can certainly sympathize with them) get to go anyway and I like that.

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