Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Virginia State Fair on Sale Block Again?

Virginia State Fair from god's seat
The Richmond Times-Dispatch says (here) the guy who bought the Virginia State Fair a couple of weeks ago could be on the way to flipping the property at a substantial profit.

Mark Lovell, who heads a fair group out of Tennessee (Universal Fairs) bought the Meadow Event Park, where the Virginia fair has been held recently, for $5.67 million and the paper says he has an offer of $10 million for it. The fair is more than a century old.

The T-D quoted him as saying,"We have been approached by a group to buy it. They made us an offer and we countered back. If they accept, we'll take it. If they don't, then they don't. It was not our intent to sell."
Lovell bought 331 acres of The Meadow Event Park as well as the State Fair of Virginia's trademark, name and Web presence.

(Photo: carnivalwarehouse.com)


  1. "the Meadow Event Park, where the Virginia fair has been held for more than a century"

    Actually, I think this is the "new" site, where the State Fair moved to a few years ago. I believe the old fairgrounds are now entirely the property of the Richmond International Raceway.