Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quote of the Day: Who Says Good Journalism's Dead?

"Anyone who wants to know what the Occupy Wall Street protests are all about need only look at the way Bank of America does business. It comes down to this: These guys are some of the very biggest assholes on Earth. They lie, cheat and steal as reflexively as addicts, they laugh at people who are suffering and don't have money, they pay themselves huge salaries with money stolen from old people and taxpayers – and on top of it all, they completely suck at banking. And yet the state won't let them go out of business, no matter how much they deserve it, and it won't slap them in jail, no matter what crimes they commit. That makes them not bankers or capitalists, but a class of person that was never supposed to exist in America: royalty."

--This is from a Rolling Stone story on Bank of America and what a bunch of totally corrupt, egotistical, anti-American, devils are in charge of it. Here's the whole story and it's worth your time. I read the story while waiting to have my eyes examined this morning. I'm still beside myself (and not just in the mirror).

(Illustration: Jason Juhasz, Rolling Stone)

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  1. That quote is so damn good I have Brain Envy of the author. It's also so good that it's infuriating.