Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sullivan May Be Back In, but Where's the Local Daily?

The protest at UVa
Things are looking up for Teresa Sullivan, down for that Helen Dregas woman and strange for Roanoke's daily newspaper, which seems to have punted on the story. Its coverage of the turn of events--posted on its website as we speak--is from the Associated Press, while just about every other paper in Virginia has a staffer on top of it. If this were at Virginia Tech ... Oh, hell, we don't even need to mention that.

It's just the biggest story in Virginia this month, so we won't go into newspapers' travel budget constraints. Charlottesville, after all, is two hours away from Roanoke and this isn't a football game after all. It's not even a basketball game, for chrissakes. It's just a president and a bunch of rich people having a squabble about education and who the hell cares about that? Certainly not Republicans.

Anyhow, if you're interested in the latest dramatic turn of events which will likely result in the re-instatement of UVa's popular president as early as tomorrow, go to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Washington Post, C'Ville Weekly, the Daily Progress or any of half a dozen papers that aren't depending on the AP wire service for their stories. Half a dozen other papers half the size of the local daily here and just as far away from C'ville have staffers there, as well. Saving money is commendable. Failing your job is not commendable.

We can follow what happens to the third-rate Virginia Beach condo developer there, too. My guess is the local daily is working on an important story on mommies.

(Photo: Washington Post)


  1. So, you do read the local daily!

    I had the same reaction when I saw the story this morning....really strange.

  2. Rex Bowman would have kicked butt on that story, but he's no longer there. Seems I know several excellent journos that could have done an excellent job on it, but they are no longer there. Hmmm.

  3. My reaction too. RT should cover.

    I told my VPI friends, who weren't really seeing any of this as a big deal, to look at it this way: if the most important person on campus at VPI (clearly Frank Beamer---I dare you to argue with that) was ousted under suspicious circumstances, what would happen with our local media, not to mention current students and alums?

  4. I'm sure the RT folks are busy looking for the next gaff in Blacksburg, holding out for the pronouncement about Stadium Woods, hoping that there will be yet another big story about April 16, or someone somewhere in B'burg connected with the university will screw up so they can stick it to VT again. UVa? Who cares about those Wahoos? Besides, it costs money to drive up there and money (and experienced reporters who could do that job right) is something the RT doesn't have any more.

  5. Kurt: Not so much "read" as scan online because this is still the "newsletter/prom photo tab of record" to see if I've missed anything, which I rarely have.

  6. Heather: Rex would have been nominated for another Pulitzer (if the execs at the local newsletter could have let him alone, which they couldn't have) for coverage in this. And, yes, there are some good reporters who have "ex" before their names now and a few good ones still there. For how long, who knows?