Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Group Mentality in Dealing With the Weather

It has been an enormously entertaining  day to watch people--like me--adjust to life without electricity. At least at home. I'm at Panera Bread tonight, taking a light supper, charging my cell phone and catching up on a couple of blog posts, e-mail and even some work (I've just edited two stories for our August issue).

It's hotter than 17 levels of hell outside (I don't care what the NWS says about this 104 degrees shit; it was 112 on my back porch yesterday and hit 106 Thursday and 108 today) and simply finding a place where I'm comfortable is a huge challenge when no air is moving. My little house is wonderfully insulated, but that only means it holds the heat better. I left a bit ago at about 7 p.m. because it was 91 degrees in the living room and APCo is saying the power could be off until July 7 (I don't much believe that, but it's the official line. In any case, it'll be hot for a while).

Panera has had a rotating group of people like me, parking at tables, plugging in, asking for a password and going to work. I've even seen a couple of cells being charged, so I'm not along in this. There's a certain comfort to that shared effort at normalcy, but in 15 minutes this place closes and me and the cat are going to have to go back to entertaining us in hell. I have a laser light and can watch him chase it until it's too dark to be safe. Then we'll both hit the sack and sweat out the night.

Life's a bitch and then you play with the cat.

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  1. You live in Australia it's winter at my house in California