Saturday, June 2, 2012

Floyd Writers' New Book a Hot Commodity

Neil Sagebiel
Floyd Writer Neil Sagebiel's new book The Longest Shot will get a rave review in the New York Times Books section tomorrow and it deserves the notice. This is Neil's first book, but it's not written by a novice. He's a good writer, one who has had a popular golf blog for some time.

The book is about a golf comeback where Jack Fleck in the 1950s overcame a nine-stroke deficit on the final 54 holes and wo n the U.S. Open. It is considered one of the most significant--and least remembered--upsets in golf history. This work is compared to ythat of some excellent golf writers, including John Feinstein.

Neil wrote me this morning saying, "Obviously, I'm absolutely thrilled about the positive review. Like the reviewer notes, I, too, was (am) an underdog. Getting a book published by a major publisher these days is extremely challenging. What kept me going was that I knew it was a great story -- I never lost faith in the story idea."

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