Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sharon Rapoport, Laura Godfrey Form New Company

Sharon Rapoport
A couple of women for whom I have almost unparallelled respect as both professionals and as exemplary people who give tons back to their community and to humanity in general, are going into business together and let me tell you that this one's going to be a dandy.

Laura Godfrey
Laura Godfrey, whose efforts toward women who have been maimed by mines in Southeast Asia, and Sharon Rapoport, a cancer survivor who serves as role model in that arena and a community champion whose work has been Herculean, are going to be working with data management and getting the word out on businesses. These two are personality opposities and are, quite literally, left brain/right brain friends whose functions will complement here.

Here's the press release and let me say again: expect a lot from them and from their company because you're going to get it. 

Two of the most respected business women in the Roanoke Valley have combined their talents and experience in Left Brain/Right Brain, a data management and creative messaging company.

Laura Godfrey of claire v. and Polished and Sharon Rapoport of The Farm say they are eager to explain why they can improve businesses with their approach to web, data management and creative messaging. “Companies often miss out out on big opportunities that affect their bottom line, and the key is to marry data with creativity”, says Sharon Rapoport, co-founder of The Farm and veteran creative director.

Sharon brings a strategic approach to the creative process for her clients, and encourages them to constantly hone the marketing message with proven data, whether it’s web, traditional or social media.

Laura has gained much knowledge as an entrepreneur working as a client herself, with a variety of web vendors and agencies. She is a former winner of Valley Business FRONT’s For the Right Reasons award, which goes to a professional whose ethics and practices are exemplary. “Websites are a crucial tool for every business,” says Laura, who also has an IT background, “but few have an integrated thought process behind them. Either the site is built out from a pragmatic sensibility and then someone throws a pretty face on it, or the marketing message is well developed, but there’s no smart engine behind it that makes a business run more smoothly.”

Laura, whose earlier experience included doing coding and analysis for Fortune 500 companies, recently decided to combine her considerable operations experience and her fluency in web development, and put them to use for other businesses.

While Sharon and Laura each continue to bring their individual skill sets to clients separately, they are most excited about what they can do for a business together. Sharon ensures that the messaging and design are strategically smart for the business goals, and Laura develops systems that work not just as a messaging tool, but also as a pipeline for data that strengthens the marketing and improves operations.

Left Brain | Right Brain has developed an impressive arsenal of professionals from all over the US, who are specialists in the fields of marketing and web. This, and the owners’ combined experience working with household name companies, does not keep them from seeking local and regional businesses as clients. “We are absolutely dedicated to working within a budget, whether it’s big or small. As small business owners ourselves, we know what it’s like to demand a return on every investment.”

To see featured work and case histories, view the client list, or to simply learn more about Left Brain | Right Brain, go to

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