Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Finally, a Roanoke Daily Reporter on the UVa Story

Tonia Moxley
Well, how about that! Roanoke's local daily newsletter has seen fit to actually put a local reporter--the estimable Tonia Moxley--on the UVa debacle. Tonia is a good reporter who covers the New River Valley primarily. She was with roanoke.com for a few years before moving into the NRV slot.

This story is solidly into its second week and the newsletter has been depending on AP for its feed on what has been the most important story in Virginia this summer. But, heck, Tech's asleep right now and maybe sending a reporter to Charlottesville will cost some money, but it'll be good for the fading image.

Let us mention in passing that all the while, WVTF-Public Radio in Roanoke has had award-winning Sandy Hausman covering the bejesus out of this story and setting herself up for more awards. That's the same WVTF that had its state funding eliminated and has to scramble twice a year for money.

(Photo: Roanoke Times)


  1. I tire of your incessant degrading of the RT. Now calling it a "newsletter". Specifically state your case against and leave the petty sniping to others.

  2. Scott: The case has been stated over and over and you are free to read elsewhere if you tire of it. Nobody's forcing you to come to this blog. It takes a specific set of movements by you to get here.