Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Taxing Women for Birth Control Pills Absurd? Maybe Not So Much

Forbes Magazine is featuring a guy who is arguing that women should pay about $1,500 a year in extra taxes if they use birth control pills. This doesn't have to do with the kind of "we hate women" politics the Republicans in America are engaged in, but this Brit says it's an issue of economics and environmentalism.

Birth control pills are pretty nasty little bastards when it comes to our water supply, dumping in a chemical that often leaves fish with sex organs of both genders and threatening their reproductive potential. He has a good point with that. The cost of purifying the water of this chemistry is in the billions in Britain alone and it needs to be done.

The whole notion sounds crazy on the surface--like those Republican attacks on women--but I'm not so sure about a knee-jerk reaction against his conclusion, especially the one that this needs to be cleaned up.

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