Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Most Dangerous Car in America Is ... a Truck

Dodge Ram 1500: You pays yo' money, you takes yo' chances.
The Dodge Ram 1500 has been rated as the most dangerous "car" in America by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Ram is not the only truck at the top. Second place goes to the Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab and the next five places are occupied by SUVs.

Here's the story and the rankings.

That shoots hell out of the notion that the bigger you go with your vehicle the safer you are. Most of the troubling concerns with these vehicles is that they don't roll over well. People buy these monsters with the false notion that they're for the woods and that they're overbuilt for safety. Might want to re-consider and pick up a used M-1 Tank if you want safety.

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